Northeast Pellets is a Maine-based wood pellets manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer producing premium wood pellets for home and business from 100% bark-free wood. They are clean burning, low-ash and highly efficient. Northeast Pellets are now available in many retail locations in Maine.

Our bag has been changed to eliminate any confusion as to what we are using for wood. We purchase the best materials possible from local mills. Our sawdust, shavings and chips are clean and bark-free. We DO NOT use demolition debris. The word “recycled” has been removed from our bag as it was originally used to indicate that we are using mill residues, not processing round wood for the purpose of pelleting. We also added a #4 plastic recycling logo to our bags as we work with local plastic handlers to start a bag recycling program.

We are among just a few Maine wood pellet manufacturers, and Northeast Pellets are now available for purchase directly from the plant at 53 Realty Road in Ashland, Maine. You can purchase them in 40 lb. bags or in bulk by the ton.

2023 Pellet Pricing • 50/40# bags – $275 ton

Look for Northeast Pellets, now with the new FSC-certified logo, where you shop for wood pellets.